Kid Curtains Style

Ian MaloneyOctober 22, 2014
pink kids curtains
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Kid curtains can be seen as accessories or room complement for your kid’s room. It is important to make it suit with the kids’ room concept. Commonly, the kid’s room may adopt the cartoon style; the combination of cartoon style with bright colors will influence your kid room concept. It is clear that they should […]

Modern Curtain Panels for your Modern House Arrangement

Ian MaloneyOctober 21, 2014
modern window treatments
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It’s a good thing to take special kind of concern for modern curtain panels idea inside the house. Basically, the detail of the room should really be matched with the whole house composition idea, like the modern theme of it. The modern house decoration idea will really be great to be combined with any modern […]

Yellow Curtain Panels for your Unique Room Idea

Ian MaloneyOctober 21, 2014
yellow window curtains
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The perfect kind of room arrangement should also take concern in the right choice of curtain as the detail. You should not take any random choice for the curtain, because it will really bring big effect for the whole room composition. In more detail, the color choice of the curtain will also bring the big […]

Dining Room Light Fixture Detail

Ian MaloneyOctober 20, 2014
modern dining room lighting
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Arranging the perfect atmosphere inside any room should also be followed with the right detail checking of every item there, especially the placement of the specific furniture. In more detail, when we talk about dining room, it will really be a great thing to concern more in its detail, like the dining room light fixture […]